Gawdammitsomuch, Twilight

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05.24.10 15 Comments

First there was the Taylor Lautner fan who wrote an angry letter to Universal Studios for who dress like werewolves and call themselves “the wolf pack”, the report saying there are “several packs scattered about San Antonio’s north side.”

Northside officials confirm wolf packs do exist in at least half a dozen schools, with anywhere from 12 to 20 werewolves in each. Dress codes are strictly enforced, NISD officials say. The wolf pack isn’t allowed the tails, chains, or anything else that negatively affects the learning environment. [KENS5 via THD]

They also say this was inspired by “movies like Van Helsing and the Twilight series”.  And they didn’t immediately crack up and say, “Just kidding; it’s all from Twilight.  These kids don’t even remember Van Helsing, lucky bastards.”

It’s too damn early to be thinking about this.  Homer, do my job for me:

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