Gene Noble’s ‘Rebirth Of Gene’ Is Worth The Price Of Admission For R&B Enthusiasts

03.30.14 3 years ago 2 Comments


It may not mean much to Gene Noble in the long run. He may not even come across these words that were typed while his Rebirth Of Gene LP rumbled out of a certain set of speakers.

But Gene Noble earned himself a new fan.

Despite what’s peddled as modern-day, quality R&B, Noble’s Rebirth taps into inspirations and reservations that’ll take him further than a radio spin here and a radio spin there ever will. Love is the predominant theme of the project – surprise, surprise – as is the maddening prospect of discovering and maintaining the emotion in a society that sometimes seems hellbent on drowning in misery.

Aggressive moments are few and far between. Instead, the 10-track journey is more of a mystic escape into R&B’s creative abyss infused with a dosage of soul.

His father, an active solder, passed away while stationed in Germany attempting to save a person’s life. Gene was only four at the time. Couple the realization of growing up without a pops and D’Angelo’s Voodoo Tour, and under the circumstances, understanding the inordinately personal vibe of Rebirth suddenly makes more sense and develops an added appreciation.

Give the project a spin and form a conclusion on your own. For those walking away impressed, support the hustle by supporting R.O.G. on iTunes then watch his visual for “Imagination.”

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