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Bria Myles

Bria MylesGeorge Zimmerman’s Wife, Shellie, Files For Divorce [ABC]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Keeps $123 Million In One Bank Account [Business Insider]

TSA: You Can Keep Your Shoes On…As Long As You Pay Up [Giant]

Plies Shows Off Gold Trayvon Martin Chain [The Urban Daily]

Sorry, the Future of Computing Is Not on Your Wrist [NY Mag]

The 15 Most Hilarious Jay Z Pool Diving Struggle Memes [Hip-Hop Wired]

What Your Pron Category Says About You (NSFW) [Peeperz]

7 Bizarre Pre-Game Rituals From Around The World [The Week]

Afghan Police Fishing With RPG Kill 6 Children [AFP]

An Oral History Of Napster [CNN Money]

10 Things That Could Go Very Wrong If We Attack Syria [WashPo]

Hallmark Struggles To Update Its Card Empire [The Verge]

Katie Aselton Taught Conan, Mike Tyson The Sex Euphemisms From ‘The League’ [WG]

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