Get Down With Sango’s ‘North’

08.20.13 4 years ago

Sango North

Sango’s North saw a rush of praise since it dropped in late July. One had to expect the hype considering the young producer’s pedigree. So, while folks raved over it, I sat back and let the project sink in on my terms.

Well, after multiple spins, I have to say North is weird, funky, sophisticated, atmospheric and, most importantly, jammin’ on the one.

The project bears Sango’s hallmarks like heavy reverb effects, bouncy kicks and contrasting R&B samples with synths rounding things out. The description may sound tired to those following his music for a minute. Yet all these elements come together well with seamless transitions, breakdowns and catchy rhythms. The sequencing makes sense and none of the beats feel out of place, either.

Most of North’s compositions play genre music chairs across R&B, Rap, Electronic and plenty others. The beauty, however, lies in the fact that the album’s ambiguous nature doesn’t go out of its way to please everyone. Such is especially true on “Middle of Things/Beautiful Wife” feat. SPZRK. The track plays with various influences without sacrificing the album’s dark, artsy aesthetic.

I won’t spoil more of North if you haven’t heard it yet. Just give it a spin for free here or support this man on Bandcamp. Traditionalists might not take to North‘s left of center approach. Heads looking for something a little more adventurous could very well get some spins from Sango’s newest work.

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