Ghost Rider 2 Will Happen…With a Budget Cut

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10.28.10 3 Comments

Hey, remember when they made a movie of Ghost Rider? And they got the guy who directed Daredevil to make it? And it really sucked?

It kind of says something that the best parts of the first movie are Nicolas Cage playing Johnny Blaze not as a mopey, boo-hoo wuss but rather as a complete live-for-today lunatic, and the fact that they actually have the hero be totally honest with the girlfriend he stood up for once. Unfortunately, all the fight scenes are “a bunch of CGI happens, and then Ghost Rider hits it once.” So, it makes for a movie where you find yourself wondering just how Wes Bentley went from movies like American Beauty to being a total ham.

Anyway, believe it or not, despite the movie’s lackluster performance, the sequel has been approved. The good news is that it’s directed by Neveldine/Taylor, the guys behind Crank and the underappreciated Gamer. The bad news is that the script is by David Goyer, the guy behind The Uninvited and Blade: Trinity. The worst news is that they cut the budget from $135 million to $75 million.

So, yeah, this will be interesting. But probably not in a good way.

[ via The Wrap ]

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