15 ‘Ghostbusters’ Facts That Came, Saw, And Kicked Ass To Help You Celebrate Everything Ghostbusters

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ghostbuster facts

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Yes, the new Ghostbusters film is finally here, a mere three decades since Bill Murray proclaimed the horror that would come with Gozar’s rule: “cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!” If you haven’t already read Burnsy’s official ranking of the Ghostbusters ghosts, get on it! (And don’t even pretend like that three-armed monster chair doesn’t still make you squirm.)

Continuing on with the celebration of all things Ghostbusting, here are some Ghostbusters facts you might not know about the creation of Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd’s supernatural comedy classic.

1. The Ghostbusters’ hotline was operational. One of the classic fake commercials of film is the Ghostbusters ad, but the ad wasn’t entirely fake. The 555 number on the screen was bogus, but as part of the movie’s promotion, Ivan Reitman produced a trailer with a real 1-800 number where people could call the Ghostbusters and get a recorded message with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd saying they couldn’t make it to the phone because they were out busting ghosts.

2. The original script included John Belushi and a ghost named “Onionhead.” The original story didn’t include Bill Murray or Harold Ramis, but instead a three-man team of Dan Aykroyd, a rumored Eddie Murphy, and John Belushi (playing Venkman). Slimer was called “Onionhead” and the guys didn’t use proton packs to catch the specters, but undoubtedly inferior hand wands. After Belushi’s death, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd rewrote the script, scaling back the character of Winston and adding Egon.


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