Giants-Bears TNF Live Blog, First Half

10.10.13 4 years ago 812 Comments


Good news: Brandon Marshall will in fact be allowed to wear the green shoes he has to honor Mental Health Awareness Week. And by allowed, the NFL means they won’t forcibly remove him from the stadium for wearing them; they’ll merely fine him. That’s what qualifies for non-draconian behavior by the league these days. “We’re not MONSTERS, we’ll just fine you for your noble gesture.”

As for this game, the Giants’ season is so far gone, tonight only really has significance for Chicago. Since starting 3-0, the Bears have dropped two straight and a loss to the lowly Giants will predictably merit them “freefall” status. Lucky for them, they’re in the NFC North, so even if they do lose and drop to .500, they’ll only be at most one game out of first place at the end of Week 6. But hey, at least Alshon Jeffery is coming on nicely.

Without a doubt, the greatest thing about a Giants-Bears game is that no matter the outcome we’re in for outstanding quarterback sulky face. Not that there’s been any dearth of that with Eli Manning this season, but it should be noted that Jay Cutler is coming on strong in the derping department of late as well. Over the past two weeks, Eli and Cutty have combined for 11 turnovers. I don’t expect either to remedy their issues tonight, especially with the limited preparation of a short week.

I actually had to Google who is starting at running back for the Giants this evening. And… it’s Brandon Jacobs. Hoo boy, that’s sad. Though I do enjoy that the team brought back Da’Rel Scott a week after releasing him. Their backfield is so bad they could realize our worst nightmares and bring back Tiki Barber and it wouldn’t be an illogical move for them. Oh Giants…

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