Giants-Eagles Live Blog, First Half

09.30.12 5 years ago 1,050 Comments

With a bitter division rivalry being renewed, this week various media spent time exhuming the longstanding war of words between LeSean McCoy and Osi Umenyiora. E:60 essentially ran a profile of their rivalry. LeSean threw some more shade at Osi, calling him a ballerina and saying he’s either the third- or fourth-best player on the Giants defensive line.

Whatever you think of either player, it’s a welcome change to get trash talk between two players who actually have to directly go at each other. It’s so unfulfilling when two offensive or defensive players engage in smack talk. One team wins or one player outperforms the other. That’s it. It’s a little too anticlimactic. But in this case, LeSean can fake out Osi, or blow past him. Osi can shatter LeSean’s tibia. Each player’s personal success is owed in part to the failure of the other.

In dorkier developments, Marvel Comics announced that it’s giving out a commemorative poster for recently retired Eagles fan favorite Brian Dawkins, who went by the nickname Weapon X during his playing days. As you might surmise, that’s because he’s a fan of Wolverine. Because everyone is a fan of Wolverine. Still, Marvel gets itself some nice publicity by giving fans at the Linc a poster of Dawkins with adamantium claws. Anyway, I got bored when I read about it on Friday and thought about other Eagles players as X-Men characters.

Personally, I think Vick works better as Wolverine than Dawkins does. He has all the moodiness and propensity for causing trouble. Vick would certainly use Logan’s healing factor, however.

Meanwhile, Eli Manning is upset that he doesn’t get to be depicted as a Teen Titans character.

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