Giants-Eagles Live Blog, Second Half

09.30.12 5 years ago 964 Comments

Apologies if you came into this game expecting points, real or fantasy. The Linc was double booked with a football game and puntkkake. Sorry, the puntkkae paid the deposit first. The Giants secondary is decimated and therefore ostensibly vulnerable but so too is the Eagles O-line a wreck, making Philly possessions a Derpsican Standoff. The Giants, meanwhile, are having their usual bad game issues of letting pass rushers at Eli come unblocked or Kevin Gilbride doing his best to remind the Giants fan base that they hate him.

Eventually, both teams bothered to give that gaining yards thing a whirl. And, lo, the punting was momentarily stalled.

The question remains, was it the result of mutually terrible O-line play or is it roundly terrific defense? Can’t it be both? Not if Aaron Schatz says different!

Andy Reid needlessly burned a timeout early just because finishing the first quarter with all three seemed in poor taste. But then he won what seemed like a dumb challenge on a initially ruled incomplete DeSean Jackson catch that was then improbably overturned. We were too shocked to acknowledge it, so we just went on making the same Andy Reid jokes, which is best for all.

Not to be forgotten, Will Hill has Giants fans excited because he’s nearly blocking punts. That would be super great if punter pressures were a statistic that we took seriously. I still support him getting recognition, for nothing else but getting him back on Twitter.

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