Giants-Redskins Live Blog, First Half

12.03.12 5 years ago 1,043 Comments

Even though it probably shouldn’t matter since he already played before a larger national audience against Dallas on Thanksgiving, tonight is the first primetime game of Robert Griffin III’s career, so expect that angle to be belabored. Honestly, I don’t think we’re spending enough time on the Assassin’s Creed III shoes that RGIII got. Those things are badass. And much more impressive than the fact that Dan Snyder hooked him up with his buddy Tom Cruise’s phone number.

With a win, the Redskins can blow the NFC East race wide open. Washington would maintain its lead for second place, and they and the Cowboys would only be a game back of the Giants, with New York still having potentially difficult road games in Atlanta and Baltimore. Or the Giants win, the Redskins brief flirtation with the playoff hunt comes to an end and New York runs away with the division.

The first meeting of the Giants and ‘Skins had one of the more exciting finishes of the season to date. RGIII converted a long 4th down with an incredible athletic move to give him just enough time to hit Logan Paulsen down the field to set up a go-ahead score, which at the moment seemed like enough to help Washington escape with a win. That is, until they immediately let Elisha hit Victor Cruz for a 77-yard touchdown.

So this looks much more promising than the other NFC East primetime game of the weekend. Though this one will include both quarterbacks doing narration of their own highlights during the pregame, which should make for at least hilarious Eli mumbling.

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