Giants-Redskins SNF Live Blog, Second Half

12.01.13 4 years ago 522 Comments


Washington came out strong on offense with an opening drive that ended with an Alfred Morris touchdown run. The Redskins converted a 4th down conversion near midfield to maintain the drive, which is only something you’d see a Mike Shanahan team have the guts to only after they

A few possessions later, RGIII hit his 12th consecutive completion to start the game with a 19-yard touchdown pass to Logan Paulsen to give the Redskins a 14-0 lead. The tumble along the sideline you see above happened just before that. He got back up but there were a few seconds where the most cynical and resigned to failure Redskins fans assumed the worst.

Giants got their initial first down a minute into the second quarter and used that momentum to reel off a few big runs by Peyton Hillis followed by a 23-yard touchdown run by Andre Brown. After a hot start, Washington’s offense only moved in spurts for the remainder of the half. With a minute remaining in the second quarter, Elisha hit Brandon Myers for a 22-yard touchdown for the tie.

So far it’s a story of two struggling quarterbacks looking suddenly competent, which most likely has more to do with two inept defenses being on the field than anything else. Either way, the Redskins and the Giants appear to be similarly bad teams, making this a fairly even and somewhat entertaining game.

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