Giants/Panthers Live Blog – Second Half

09.20.12 5 years ago 663 Comments

Congratulations are in order if you’re the lucky so-and-so in your league who was able to snag Andre Brown because you were faster than everyone else or if you just happened to have the top spot in the waiver claim order. Either way, let the mad dash for Ramses Barden to begin, as he’s gone over the 100-yard receiving mark in the first half.

The Giants have scored on every offensive possession for the half, save the last inside two minutes following an interception. Meanwhile, as kommenter Dagotron noted in the first half, Cam Newton is looking straight Culpepperish in this game. Not that it’s all because Cam has not yet decided to go H.A.M. The Panthers defense can’t tackle for sh*t and the coverage might as well be prevent for how porous it’s been. The one time Carolina was in position to make a play of defense, a pass went through the hands of Jon Beason and still went for a first down.

For those who were uncertain about going the long haul on this game, both of these teams seem determined to leave the outcome not in doubt by the time Louie starts. Unless the Giants are setting themselves up for the kind of collapse they inflicted on the Buccaneers. The chances of that happening would feel real if Carolina were able to progress further than five yards into New York territory in the first half.

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