Giftz Ft. Freddie Gibbs – “Money Making Mitch” Video

07.09.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

giftz freddie gibbs money making mitch video

Memo to producers: samples and intricate sound effects can be dope, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping things simple. “Money Making Mitch” proves this in spades, a simple three-note piano loop paving the way for Giftz and Freddie Gibbs to spit. Paying homage to Paid In Full* while keeping pace with Gangsta Gibbs? No word yet on what project this track is set to bless, but color us intrigued.

And while we’re at it – because Gibbs continues to be one of the toughest features in rap – let’s all cross our fingers that G.I.’s finest can leave Young Jeezy/CTE business in the rearview mirror. It’s fine to feel angry towards Jeezy’s camp – ill will has, after all, bred some of the most pointed moments in hip-hop history – but getting pissy over Twitter isn’t going to change a thing. Stay in the studio and keep putting out heat like ‘Mitch’ seems like a much smarter look.

*Tins wholeheartedly approves of any and all Paid In Full references.

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