Gilbere Forte’ – “Born In ’87” Video

05.04.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Let’s see here. In 1987, Reaganomics were a way of life, Whitney Houston was a Goody Two-Shoes and most avid sports fans took the phrase “Lakers vs. Celtics” for granted. It is also the year our chosen one of the second, Gilbere Forte’, was sent into this earth where he would later set his Eyes of Veritas on the music world. It’s as if he was predestined to cement his trademark on the game with a compendium of styles that would make it damn near impossible for him to be classified as a singular talent.

A black-and-white backdrop tries its damnedest to frame Gilbere’s zodiac visionaries but a powerful track is hard to be subdued. Especially when the moral of the story—wackness in the industry, conformity and nepotism—needs to be spread like Dijon mustard in any Philly bistro.

Download the TSS-approved Eyes of Veritas to see where you been and plan on going like Young Forte’ does here.

Also on today’s agenda, Gilbere’s teamed up with and SocietySOP to drop his latest street release, Philadelphia Freshman. Hosted by Ace McClowd, the project is a collection of old, new and previously-unreleased material intended to bring listeners up to speed on the artist’s work to date. Stream it over at or download via the link provided below.

DownloadGilbere Forte’ – Philadelphia Freshman (Hosted By Ace McClowd)

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