Ginuwine Hilariously Reacts To His Bizarre Performance: “I Popped Something But It Wasn’t No Damn Molly!”

07.23.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

By now, you’ve probably seen TGT’s weird and unforgettable live TV performance of their single “I Need.” Many of us wondered what in the jittery f*ck was going on with Ginuwine. Well, now we know.

Street Heat TV caught up with group and according to Ginuwine, despite rumors that he was on that molly, an energy drink is what’s to blame for his tweaky performance. “Aye, man. It was six o’clock in the morning and I popped something but it wasn’t no damn molly!” Ginuwine revealed. He further explained, “I popped a damn 5-hour ENERGY drink and I didn’t think it would do that to me.”

The group isn’t at all butt-hurt over the controversy. Check out the video below to view their hilarious re-enactment which gives us a pass to continue laughing hysterically.

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