A Girlfriend Made Her Lucky Boyfriend ‘Naughty’ Coupons For Their Anniversary

09.17.15 2 years ago 3 Comments

It’s hard finding the perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you haven’t been dating for long, you don’t want to overdo it and buy something presumptuous, like a new house or tickets to a Taylor Swift concert a year from now. And if you’ve been together for awhile, well, why haven’t you put a ring on it, you fool? But the lady friend of Imgur user “archraider” came up with the perfect present: Coupons. Not for Subway or Arby’s, although those would also be appreciated, but for things like “Breakfast in Bed,” “Permission to Play Video Games Tonight Without Me Complaining,” and “Personal Servant for One Day.”

That just means she’s going to be dressed like Colleen Camp in Clue.

There doesn’t appear to be any stipulations, other than the totally fair “no threesomes,” but the lucky boyfriend should use them sooner rather than later. There are few things more insulting than your partner making you something, especially a coupon book like this one, and then you forget about it for five months. He or she probably won’t be pleased when you try to redeem “Morning Head” in January when you got the card in October. Here are a few more.

birthday card 1


birthday card 2


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