Gloria James Hurls Racial Slurs At Her Own Kind, Gets Sued

04.13.11 6 years ago 17 Comments


“I saw this coming,” said the blind man. But regardless, the valet LeBron’s mother laid fisticuffs to is looking to cash in on his invisible bumps and bruises. At this point, you should know TMZ’s society is bigger than the Illuminati and getting it on tape was to be expected. The kicker is, along with the battery charge, there was allegedly some hate speech involved.

“The attorney for the valet who is suing LeBron James’ mom tells TMZ … during the confrontation, Gloria James allegedly told the valet, “You don’t know who I am, you f**king n**ger.  Tomorrow, you won’t have a job” [TMZ]

Why it is doubtful she threw the “e-r” on the end of that, the entire ordeal sounds like a reenacted scene of one of Mammy Perry’s plays. Does anyone else find it comical that dude’s name is Rockefeller Sorel. He’s not suing because he’s under emotional duress. He’s suing for everybody who wasted entire 4th period class time making fun of his name.

Tsk-tsk, Gloria. Somebody needs their allowance taken until the playoffs are over.


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