Go Banana! (and Seahawks)

02.10.11 7 years ago 119 Comments

As you certainly saw on Sunday, this Super Bowl ad took classic TV shows and refashioned the characters as NFL fans. What you may have missed is that the lone Seahawks fan was none other than Ralph Wiggum:

Jon Axell writes:

New York and New England are where a lot of TV shows take place, so of course they’re fans of the Jets, Giants, Bills, and Patriots. And, of course, the teams playing in the actual game got featured using shows that take place in their home states (Happy Days and The Office).

The Falcons got a great shot of the General Lee flying their flag, jumping over a river. The Cowboys are Newman to the rest of the league’s Seinfeld.

But nothing stirs up more intrigue to a generation obsessed with placing themselves in fictional worlds (“Quiz: which Harry Potter house are you?” “Which classic Nicktoon are you?” “Which Star Wars character are you?”) than this gathering of Simpsons characters.

And there, front and center, munching on a candy bar, is Ralph Wiggum, the only representative for your Seattle Seahawks.

Still bitter about that 7-9 playoff berth, eh NFL?

It could have been worse. Frasier and Niles Crane in Seahawks gear would’ve been traumatic, and I just twitched thinking about Meredith Grey in a 12th Man jersey.

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