Goodie Mob Ft. Janelle Monae – “Special Education”

05.21.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

It’s hard to believe these words are about to be stated but…here’s a new Goodie Mob track that’s worth a listen.

Titled “Special Education,” the Atlanta group’s finally back to sounding familiar to their pre-1999 selves and way more fluid in sound and tone than “Fight To Win.” The pulsating production works against each MC’s thought-heavy lyrics and Janelle Monae provides an almost perfect hook that looks to help disconnect the dots, fighting against the same-old-same in the music and culture.

The group’s new project, Age Against the Machine, will drop on August 27th, which differs from the original rumored date of June 18. Below, check Cee-Lo spends time with the cameras at the Billboard Awards and the discussion ranges from the updated AATM release date, his return to NBC’s The Voice, a new solo album plus a full-length Gnarls Barkley follow-up.

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