Google Instant? More like Google ADD

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09.09.10 4 Comments

Here at Gamma Squad, we would never resort to using images of sexy women to pull clicks.

But we will do it when we’ve got a boring non-story to cover, and Google Instant is about as non-storyish as you can get, unless you care a lot about search technology, in which case, you either work for Google or desperately want to.

To cut through all the hype, now Google will show you the search results for every predictive phrase it pops up. So if you type in, say, “They”, Google will search its creepy-stalker database, find you’re a fan of They Might Be Giants, and pop up a bunch of search results for the band. You know, because pressing “Enter” for your search term was so, so hard.

Practically speaking, all this means is that the search results underneath the text box will cycle through a variety of useless information until you reach the term you actually want. Unless you want to learn about human reproductive organs in any context, because Google Instant won’t work for anything that might remotely be sexual. So if you’re searching for medical literature about people’s groins, or for a series of monologues by Eve Ensler, or anything other than information about breasts, you won’t get the screen twitching like it has Tourette’s.

Maybe it should be called “Google Prude?”

[ via TechCrunch ]

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