Grand Theft Abstinence: Video Game Aims To Educate Preteen Girls (Video)

07.29.10 7 years ago 19 Comments

I’m not entirely sure whether or not it’s Gamma Squad’s year to pass out the Nobel Peace Prize, but I sure-as-sh*t hope it is, because I’ve found us a winner! The vapid-eyed beauty from the news frame above is Professor Anne Norris from the University of Central Florida. Along with the help of the institute for simulation and training, Professor Norris is developing a different king of video game, one aimed at killing hookers and taking back your money educating preteen girls on how to say no when they’re peer pressured for sex. I’ll keep you posted on any future cheat codes.

For reasons only God knows, the virtual simulation costs somewhere up around $434,000, which coincidentally is also the asking price for some dignity these days. The game is set for a spring 2011 release, so hopefully by then Professor Norris and developers will add a gun to the simulator.

But this is no ordinary game. At a price tag of approximately $434,000, it’s a new concept aimed at helping to teach pre-teen girls how to resist peer pressure when it comes to sex.

“They have an opportunity to interact with the avatars and they’ll earn points for particular social skills that they develop.”

“A boy similar in age might approach the person playing the game and ask her to make out or there might be some sexual innuendo,” said Norris.

“It’s a place to practice where there aren’t any social consequences,” said Norris. [myfoxorlando]

Wait, but if this thing won’t be finished until spring, then who the hell is going to teach my preteen daughter about abstinence right now? You mean, parents may actually have to mention the word vagina to their child? And, forgive me for not being a woman, but who the hell is peer pressuring a preteen girl to have sex? Seems they could save some major development costs if they just uploaded a creepy uncle avatar and let that sh*t run rampant through the levels.

Yes, there is a news segment below. No, I don’t know why the avatars they feature all shake like they have Parkinson’s disease.

And a very special friends-with-benefits hug to devoted reader DeFrank and his keen eye for the word ‘preteen’ in news articles. Thanks pal.

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