Green Lantern Is Getting Stuffed In The Fridge This August

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08.06.12 14 Comments

Oh, look, DC decided they wanted another Kyle Rayner.

Green Lantern Annual #1 is coming out August 29th and, well, that’s the cover at right. So either GL will decide to get a logo inspired by Nickelodeon game shows, or somebody had better break out the glowing green spatula.

Considering we’ll be meeting a new Lantern named “Baz” with a mask straight out of Kick-Ass in Green Lantern #0, and the GL books have been teasing a Blackest Night sequel of sorts, we’re thinking it’ll be the glowing green spatula.

So, basically, it’ll be like Emerald Twilight all over again. Maybe this time the replacement Lantern can actually be an ethnic minority instead of being clumsily retconned into being one by a writer too lazy to read previous issues of his own comic.

image courtesy DC

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