Green Lantern’s Suit To Be CGI (And Even More Fictional)

04.13.10 8 years ago

If you’re waiting for leaks of Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern suit to hit the internet from the set, prepare to wait a bit longer. According to Slashfilm, that because he’s just wearing a grey motion-capture suit with white LED’s since his Green Lantern uniform will be a CGI construct added in later.

Now, to be honest, this makes complete sense to me – I mean, he summons his outfit from his ring anyway, so why wouldn’t it be CGI to look like the rest of the rings construct. And the design’s probably not too bad as Geoff Johns has reportedly signed off on it and it’ll be designed by Ngila Dickson, who did the costuming on the Lord of the Rings trilogy…so she’s dressed thousands of CGI characters.

I just feel bad for Reynolds. After all, what’s the fun of playing Green Lantern if you can’t run around in the green and black duds making flying sounds with your mouth?


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