Grip Plyaz – “F*ck That Hipster Shit 2014”

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04.08.14 5 Comments

Grip Plyaz Fuck That Hipster Shit 2014

All praise due to Allah, there’s a 2014 version of the classic Grip Plyaz track “F*ck That Hipster Shit” remixed by J. Padrone. The beauty of the song is how far ahead of its time it was. I mean, Grip’s been ridin’ on hipsters for years now with this song playing as the soundtrack. Even more, when you see it performed live, there’s no unseeing it. Your brain is automatically reconditioned to dislike fuckshit.

Furthermore, let the record show that any “weird”/non-trap rapper out of Atlanta should pay homage to Grip for helping clear a path for them. There’s a strong chance those who came behind him would be buried behind crunk, trap, club and whatever sounds emerged from the region if it weren’t for records like “FTHS.”

A Motion Family video for the track will be coming soon as well as GP’s next project, reTurnt to Sender, currently slated for a June release.

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