Gronk Inactive, Is Apparently In Charge of Marketing Now

10.13.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


Psst. Hey…BRO!

Dude, you gotta check this out bro! Lookit that mustache! It’s PINK bro! GET IT?!?! OH MAN BRO IT TOTES LOOKS LIKE HE BRO’D OUT SO HARD ON SOME DIMEPIECE LAST NIGHT!

Yeah, yeah…I know we’re supposed to be promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But you can’t forget about the g-spot AMIRITE BRO?!?! I don’t even need to play when I’m CRUSHING this marketing thing. Arizona business school 4 LIFE my dude. POUND IT OUT BRO!

[Left hanging]

Oh sh*t, old man Kraft is gonna cop MAJ TUDE when he sees this, isn’t he?

Bro. Do me a solid bro. If he asks I was chilling up in Doc Andrews’ suite DOMINATING this rehab gig. COOL BRO?

[Throws away pink mustache he made for himself]

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