Gronk’s Football 101 For Women, Showing Ladies How To Dougie

11.11.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

Sports bon vivant Lana Barry attended Rob Gronkowski’s Football 101 clinic for women this evening and has posted what we have to assume was the part of the class where Gronk taught the ladies how to properly draw an excessive celebration flag.

The video reminds me of an early Godard if Godard were to ever direct a bachelorette party bacchanalia; the stripper has just shown up and everyone’s had enough Gronk-tinis to shake their booty. (No word on how many Gronk-tinis it took for one women to bust out her finest worm so early in the evening.) We’re sad the actual Gronk-tini was served on the rocks. We assumed it would be like the Gronk-tini we concocted; straight up.

Looks like it was a fun time, but then again, it’s always a party when the host is wearing Zubaz. We look forward to updating the story with Lana’s full report.

UPDATE: It was stranger than we thought.

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