Grumpy Cat Is Doing Cheerios Commercials Now, Because What Can’t She Do?



Grumpy Cat is errrrrywhere these days! Aside from popping up in fake selfies with Peter Dinklage, wearing Pharrell’s hat to the MTV Movie Awards, starring in a Home Alone meets Die Hard Christmas movie — hell, just yesterday I was driving through a really scary part of North Philly near Temple’s campus, and some random dude walking in the middle of the street was wearing a Grumpy Cat “This is My Happy Face” t-shirt. I am not making that up. Grumpy Cat has now officially transcended the internet and has apparently become a staple in low income urban neighborhoods.

So it’s really no surprise to me that Grumpy Cat is now starring in a commercial for Cheerios with Buzz the Bee. What does Grumpy Cat have to do with honey-flavored oat breakfast cereal? Who cares, cute face. Need a spokescat for brake pads? F*ck you: Grumpy Cat. Goo Gone? Almond Milk? Ant poison? Grumpy Cat hates ants, things being sticky and lactose intolerance.

I would say Grumpy Cat for president, but I don’t think Grumpy Cat wouldn’t want to be president. She’d probably feel much more at home as Secretary of State.

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(Via Jezebel)

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