New ‘GTA V’ Trailer Has Us Itching For September 17th

08.29.13 4 years ago 24 Comments

Well, yeah, we have been running a lot of GTA V material over the past few months. No, we aren’t being sponsored by Rockstar*. It’s just that big of a deal.

So, as we inch closer to September 17th, and years become months become weeks, here’s yet another trailer for the most anticipated game of the year. Featuring much more of the heist-style charades that we were promised, let’s all hold hands and wax poetic about how freaking excited we are about the prospect of plummeting from a helicopter towards an illuminated Los Santos, parachute in tow. Or riding around a fictionalized version of Venice, on a bike. Or listening to that dope in-car playlist while riding around some sun-drenched hills.


*But a couple of free games wouldn’t hurt!

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