Gucci Mane – “Truth (Not A Young Jeezy Diss)”

10.13.12 5 years ago 43 Comments

“I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her
But Puff was f*cking her while you were falling in love with her…”

Still think Jeezy doesn’t need to respond with one of those Cleveland bus driver uppercuts now? Upon hearing Jeezy’s Power 106 interview where he referred to him as “retarded,” Gucci took to the booth to record “Truth,” a record aimed directly at The Snowman. With taunts of the his 2005 self-defense murder of Jeezy’s associate, claiming to have slept with Jeezy’s ex and basically calling Young out on front street, it’s apparent either Radric’s really, really looking to promote Trap God in the most authentic way possible or these feelings have been bubbling for a good six, seven years now and this is the culmination. Regardless, their unofficial “peace treaty” is over and by the looks of things probably won’t be reinstated in the near future.

From there, however, the flood gates opened with Ross immediately taking to Twitter offering his co-sign as did Alley Boy. Look, I’m an outsider looking in on a very public situation. So I’m not here to tell anybody how to carry themselves in this game of Hip-Hop. But at last count, there was the BET incident, Ross throwing a shot on his recent weed plate of a mixtape (but a shot nonetheless) followed by Gucci, Bleu and Big Meech all adding their two cents in a matter of 48 hours.

Again, no one’s advocating this bleed over into actual pistol play. Everybody’s got mouths to feed, and people who depend on them for a variety of resources and reasons. Plus, making money off rap is a lot more ideal than making 30 cents a day making license plates in somebody’s state pen. But it’s only so long a person can be satisfied with being the punching bag to his peers until he reacts on wax.*

It sure would be nice if Young dropped a “Stay Strapped Pt. 2” right now.

Gucci Mane – “Truth (Not A Young Jeezy Diss)”

* – Somebody would’ve smelled Pimp C’s cologne by now though, Jack.

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