Gucci Mane – “Wish You Was Me”

12.24.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Gucci Mane Wish You Was Me

I definitely don’t wish I was Gucci Mane, but I’m sure some people do. As far as Gucci tracks go, “Wish You Was Me” gives me some hope. He doesn’t sound completely leaned out and has some subtle humor, like “Bands can make her dance, but I can’t really dance,” with which he clarifies it with that echo of “I can’t really dance.” Or the “so many money on me I need hammer pants.” Gucci Mane…in hammer pants…just because I endorse that doesn’t mean the pants should make a comeback.

Plus, he’s on another killer Southside beat, and as I’ve said before, I love all things 808 Mafia. In fact, one time I met Southside and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t care less about meeting some random white girl who happened to be in the studio, but it nonetheless was one of the highlights of my year.


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