Guilt-Free Listening: Jamall Bufford’s ‘Victim Of A Modern Age’ Album Stream

12.12.13 4 years ago

jamall bufford victim of a modern age cover

Despite the lack of promo for Jamall Bufford’s latest album, Victim Of A Modern Age, expectations are high. Even without a video or multiple singles being released before Tuesday’s release date, the latest project from the Ann Arbor MC better known Buff1 still has people going to great lengths to support, regardless. For over a decade, the former Athletic Mic League member has constantly delivered quality material and this latest release only beefs up his catalogue.

His first LP in three years starts off extremely strong, with a goosebumps-inducing dedication to his wandering younger brother (“Nineteen”), that makes listeners feel as if they have a vested interest in seeing these siblings work things out. From there, VOAMA veers in various directions, offering anything from lighthearted self-assessments of himself over the melting production on “Travel Light” to much more aggressive fly-swatting atop the menacing twang of “2 Face.” Really, the whole album is quite versatile, which works best when the artist is talented enough to handle the kaleidoscope of styles – which Buff clearly has no problem juggling in a cohesive fashion.

Even though we were caught off guard with the release, we’re quite pleased with the product and can’t wait to see how the “Nineteen” video looks, when it drops next week.

In the meantime, we’re going to soak up the good stuff and you can too, with the stream below. Click through to cop.

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