“Had to Establish the Rules and Reggalations of the Game…Which Was 89”

12.21.09 8 years ago 112 Comments

This clip is all over the Innerwebs today, not to mention that there’s a better than decent chance you caught it last night during the broadcast but we’d be remiss to piggyback on the fun of Steve Smith giving the best postgame interview of the season. “This is why I feed my family. This is why I grew up on the B” becomes my new default non-sequitur in any conversation. Steve, you might have killed my fantasy team early in the season but after this you can punch all the babies you want free of consequence. [SB Nation via Sporting Blog]

C’mon, 49ers fans! Quit being pussies. The Iggles fans just want to challenge you to a friendly game of 4,000 against 3 snowball bombardment. Where’s a D.C. cop when you need one? [Deadspin]

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