Halloween Or Williamsburg Is Destined To Be The Hot Tumblr Of The Halloween Season


Do you enjoy playing guessing games? I do! My favorite at the moment, and the favorite of many others, is the “Florida or Ohio” guessing game. You know, the one where you see a ridiculous headline like “Glass Eating Dwarf Impregnated By Cyclopean Beaver” and try to guess which bastion of utter retardation the story originated in: Florida or Ohio. It’s mad fun — you should definitely try it some time.
In the same vein comes a Tumblr destined to be a hot one this Halloween season: “Halloween or Williamsburg.” As someone who’s spent a few years living in Brooklyn, I’m pretty sure I know exactly how this Tumblr was inspired, because I’m pretty sure that I’ve been in the exact spot — figuratively speaking but perhaps literally as well — that this person was in when he or she found the inspiration to create it; which is wandering around the hipster Mecca that is Williamsburg one day in the days leading up to Halloween, seeing someone dressed like a circus freak and truly not knowing if their outfit was a costume or a perverted attempt to make a fashion statement.
In other words, I was playing Halloween or Williamsburg before playing Halloween or Williamsburg was cool.
So yes, I’ve totally been there. As have countless others, which is one of the reasons why this is funny as hell — the other reason being that the answer to most of these is, in fact, Williamsburg. After the jump are a few of my favorites from the early posts to this brilliant new Tumblr. Enjoy!

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