“If You’re Not Ready To Die For It”

05.19.09 8 years ago 15 Comments

“..Put the word ‘Freedom’ out of your vocabulary”

Revolutionary minds always get played out of due gratitude.

For instance, today should be a holiday. If MLK gets a day, Malcolm X should get one too. Simple logic. Both men’s nobility were equally necessary factors of the change that followed them.

Before building bridges, we had to tear down walls. Malcolm’s fighting spirit fueled the tearing down, while Martin’s words and actions inspired the building.

Yet it still somehow feels like Martin got all the praise while Malcolm got the cold shoulder. Malcolm got some acclaim, and some fame, but never the date dedicated to his name. (Kinda like Biggie’s March 9th and 2Pac’s September 13th, as far as Hip-Hop Holidays are concerned.)

Either way, today we remember the birth of one of the greatest revolutionary forces to take human form that forever changed our worlds, words and minds.

Peace Brother Shabazz.


Vincent over at THIMK periodically posts various Malcolm X speeches. Here’s one where he addressed Berkeley University on October 11th, 1963.


Download — Malcolm X Speaks At Berkeley University (Part One)


Download — Malcolm X Speaks At Berkeley University (Part Two)

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