‘Happy Endings’ Multipanes Are The Best

Editorial Director

Confession time. Over the last month or so I’ve found myself anticipating new episodes of Happy Endings more than any other show on televsion. GASP! I know. Don’t tell Alison Brie. She’ll make me crash on the couch.
It’s not that it’s my absolute favorite comedy — top five for sure — it’s just that it’s only a season and a half in and really starting to find its groove. Also it’s still a bit under the radar and I know plenty of people who don’t watch so I’m indulging that obnoxious desire to be the person who turns others on to something awesome. “I’d have never known how spectacular that show was if that brilliant son of a b*tch Maske hadn’t kept bringing it up.” Etc, etc.
So even though tonight is a rerun (if you haven’t seen it it’s new to you!) today is Elisha Cuthbert’s birthday and I just stumbled across Hell Yeah Happy Endings, a profanity averse Tumblr chocked full of Happy Endings goodness that I wish I had known about when I was Best of #-ing Max Blum. So let’s celebrate what no one saw coming — appreciating Elisha Cuthbert for her comedic prowess and not her ability to pose in Playboy-without-nipples magazines — with our favorite cubicle-friendly media, the multipane.
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