Happy Pink Ribbon Month! Or As the Colts Call It, “The Pinking of the Canal”

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Happy Pink Ribbon Month

I’m not as down on the league’s annual pink washing as I was back 2007 when they had a month of “awareness” and very little fundraising. The NFL ditched its relationship with the toxic Susan G. Komen For The Cure when it launched its own “A Crucial Catch” campaign partnership with The American Cancer Society in 2009 — although it looks like teams at the local level are still working the controversial foundation, including the Tennessee Titans —  and for the second year will donate money raised from pink merchandising from the support the American Cancer Society’s Community Health Advocates National Grants for Empowerment (CHANGE) program which provides outreach and breast cancer screenings to women.

That’s not to say the NFL doesn’t have a ways to go when it comes to October.

The Indianapolis Colts will be holding their third annual “The Pinking of the Canal” this month, which means the fine people of Indianapolis have now had three years to realize that “pink” and “canal” might not be the best words to put together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Maybe Ovarian Cancer Month or Endometriosis Month.

From the Colts’ press release:

The team will officially kick off the month by turning Colts.com pink and hosting the “Pinking of the Canal” event, presented by Pools of Fun, on October 4 […]

Oh, c’mon?!? Pools of Fun? Pink canals?

It continues.

“The Pools of Fun family lost a precious member to breast cancer several years ago and we are determined to do what we can to fight this disease as a tribute to her,” said Tim Colon, Pools of Fun President. “By supporting the Pinking of the Canal event it is our hope that we can continue to raise awareness and funding to fight this terrible disease.”

Okay, well now I feel bad. Don’t worry though, when I get my breasts smashed between two plates while standing topless while contorting to the radiologist’s commends, a radiologist standing in another room away from the machine, and I get to think about my odds of developing breast cancer since I’m in a high risk group (Hooray family history!) and wondering if I can afford Angelina Jolie’s surgeon if it comes down to it later this month, I’ll be doing my penance for making fun of the names.

But until then, PINKING OF THE CANAL? Not one of you even blinked when you heard that pitched in 2011? Or in 2012? Or this year? Nothing? COME ON.

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