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07.23.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

HBO has put out a couple trailers for the upcoming season of “Hard Knocks”. Because they can’t start filming until the Bengals report for camp , it’s either mixed footage from the previous Bengals season of “Hard Knocks” or intense footage of this CGI tiger. I feel cheated being teased with the idea of a tiger being on this season. James Harrison would wrestle a tiger, especially if you named it Goodell.

— Art Monk and Darrell Green said the Redskins should consider changing their name. And now Dan Snyder will be forced to paper over their names in the team’s Ring of Honor with Red Zebra ads.

— RGIII is unlikely to play in the preseason, depriving pundits of the chance to overanalyze the five pass attempts he would have otherwise had.

— An unnamed NFL personnel exec told Bruce Feldman that teams will have to be more vigilant about checking player tattoos in the wake of Aaron Hernandez. I don’t know about you, but those Von Miller chicken tattoos should have been interpreted as a big warning sign.

— The NFL’s latest scheme to improve safety: making team doctors say hello to the referees.

— A ranking of the most gay NFL teams. But it’s done by Outsports so it’s okay.

— Manti Te’o has the highest-selling jersey among this year’s rookies. That’ll happen in a draft topped by offensive linemen.


— Speaking of rookies, they’re getting hazed. Haha, your hair is an unnatural color.

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