Harley Quinn Is a Dude?

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Remember that “sexy” trailer for Harley Quinn in “Arkham City”? Remember how far, far too many people told us far, far too much about themselves by drooling over it? Remember how IGN likes to mess with its readers occasionally?

Yeah, well, all that Harley Quinn jiggle was mo-capped by an Asian dude. That screaming you hear is thousands of forum trolls filled with fear of suddenly being gay.

What annoys me about this video, though? IGN just drops the reveal and that’s it. Come on, guys, if you’ve got the footage, talk to the actor. Let’s find out what it takes to mocap a jiggly female when you have no jiggleparts (that’s what they’re called, right?) I’m genuinely curious; this guy got a phone call and was told “We’ll pay you to sashay like a woman with ping pong balls glued to you” and he was down. I’d like to know why.

Anyway, here’s the video.

[ via the transhumanists at Kotaku ]

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