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06.03.13 4 years ago 26 Comments


Chris Berman’s pits have gone full soak, as was witnessed at last week’s Boston Strong concert. No more accurate sign that summer is here, calendar be damned. As someone who also falls victim to the curse of sweating through every shirt in the summer, it heartens me to see that Boomer is among the afflicted. That said, I bet his B.O. smells like Aqua Velva and Arby’s.

— Jim Kelly has been diagnosed with cancer in his upper jaw bone. Best wishes on a speedy recovery. I fully expect the Bills to release branded “K-Gun-Strong” bracelets for this coming season.

— Meanwhile, the Colts are rebranding their charitable #Chuckstrong campaign to #Coltstrong, probably so in the future they can fire Chuck Pagano without looking like as much like jerks.

— Victor Cruz looks to be the latest NFL player to get his own reality show. He says the show will be unique to him, which I interpret to mean uniquely awful.

— Even though the NFL has mandated that teams must have cameras in home locker rooms before games and at halftime beginning this season, most franchises have yet to formulate plans on how the footage will be used, if it will be used at all. Expect Goodell to abruptly come up with a harsh penalty for non-compliance in, like, Week 6 and every team will have to scurry to figure everything out in a day or two.

— Glenn Beck, of all people, is unimpressed with the house RGIII bought in Virginia. I think we finally have a viable lead on the identity our very own PFT Commenter.

— Cordarrelle Patterson talks up his swag and his love of Rascal Flatts, two great things that go great together.

— 10 seasons into his NFL career and Michael Vick says he’s only now learning how to hold a football correctly.

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