Haw Haw, The Redskins Are Screwed

03.12.12 6 years ago 77 Comments

Though the Offseason Champs surrendered a metric f*ck ton to move up to the second pick, the non-depressed contingent of D.C. fans have defended the move with the reasoning that the team still had loads of cap room, which theoretically would enable Warrrrshington to sign Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks as well as a free agent safety. Well, looks like The Danny can save the jet fuel, as the NFL has just taken away $36 million in cap room from the ‘Skins over the next two seasons as punishment for front-loading deals during the uncapped year in 2010. The Cowboys were docked $10 million, which is a nice bonus.

As recently as yesterday, the ‘Skins, the presumed favorites to sign V-Jax, were said to be willing to “do almost whatever it takes” to get him. Call me ambivalent on this one. The ‘Skins aren’t gonna get the receiver they covet but then they won’t get the chance to grossly overpay him either. Life’s all about compromises, I guess.

So, uh, sorry, RGIII. You might have had a nice career somewhere else.

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