“He betrayed that pledge and supports an NFL plan.” An Open Letter From Penelope Tinsley Darlington Of Pasadena

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52 Pine Oak Lane
Pasadena, CA 91103
January 15, 2013

Pasadena City Council
100 North Garfield Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101

Attn: Councilmember Steve Madison

To Whom It May Concern:

We regret to that it has come to this, but I am afraid you have forced our hand, Councilmember Madison. Due to your support of allowing the the possibility of the National Football League to play in the Rose Bowl on a temporary basis if a team were to return to the Los Angeles area, the members of The Coalition for Preservation of the Arroyo have filed a Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition with the City Clerk of Pasadena pursuant to Section 11020 of the California Elections Code. This filing demands a recall and removal of your seat on the council and an immediate election for a new representative to serve on the Pasadena City Council for District 6.

Councilmember Madison, as your friend and your neighbor, this was a very difficult decision to come to and I hope you understand our position on this issue is unwavering. We just cannot have a councilmember from our precious Arroyo who could conceivably vote “yes” on a professional football team playing at the Rose Bowl, no matter how remote the possibility of the return of the NFL to Los Angeles may be. You did such a great job in casting the deciding vote against an NFL team playing in the Rose Bowl in back 2006, we all toasted your name over a nice dinner of sand dabs and Santa Ynez chardonnay. To find ourselves in this situation now with lawyers and recalls is most disappointing.

It is also upsetting that we’ve had to move our battle to the press over this issue, Councilmember Madison. It has been rather unseemly for all of the parties involved. Even our own Michael Vogler, spokesperson for The Coalition for Preservation of the Arroyo had to say these awful things about you:

Mr. Madison disqualified himself from office as the representative for District 6 when he betrayed his constituent’s interests by voting to approve a plan to bring the NFL to the Rose Bowl, and by voting to remove the historical neighborhood and environmental protections of The Arroyo Seco Public Lands Ordinance. In doing so, Mr. Madison put his own interests above the people he was elected to serve and must now be replaced in order to protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Steve Madison supports a plan to bring an NFL team to the Rose Bowl, despite the significant destructive impacts on the people of District 6. Against the desires of the people he was elected to serve, he betrayed that pledge and supports an NFL plan, despite the destructive impacts and harm. Madison no longer represents the interests of his constituents. In order to protect the people and our neighborhoods, Madison must be removed from office.

I understand you had to respond in Los Angeles Times, stating the Rose Bowl vote, “commits us to absolutely nothing. I would not hesitate to reject a proposal from the NFL if our community did not see benefits. My home is affected when there are [college football] games at the Rose Bowl. I don’t like it any more than anybody else. But I can’t rule out an arrangement where there would be a handful of games that would provide tremendous benefit to the city.”

And there it is. “I can’t rule out an arrangement where there would be a handful of games that would provide tremendous benefit to the city.” Councilmember Madison, what about our part of the city? What about the peaceful walks with our labradoodle Benedict Cumberbatch — you do remember our daughter Courtney is a bit of an Anglophile — in Brookside Park, or worse, what will happen to our lovely Reese’s Retreat pirate ship when it is discovered by drunken Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans? Do you know how many poles will need disinfected on the playground after they’ve visited, Councilperson Wilson, not to mention the clean up of stray undergarments made of rayon, a fabric that has been linked to the destruction of the rainforest? Not only are you destroying our neighborhood, you are destroying our very planet Councilperson Madison and we just cannot let that stand.

I hope these difficulties will not prevent either of us from enjoying the upcoming Pasadena Music Conservatory chamber concert. Courtney tells me your son Bradley has made first chair of the viola section. That is very exciting news and you must be so proud.


Penelope Tinsley Darlington

P.S. I am enclosing the letter I sent to Mr. Roger Goodell with the NFL dated January 8, 2013 for your records and carbon copying him on this epistle.

CC: Roger Goodell, New York City


Photo via Pasadena Sun. I am sure these are all nice ladies not named PTD.

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