Listen To Heems Put On His Best Drake Swag For ‘Step Aside’

03.10.15 3 years ago 6 Comments

Even if Heems has stepped away from Das Racist, he hasn’t disconnected from his first group’s profoundly ironic approach. The main difference on the solo album Eat Pray Thug is that it reveals Himanshu Suri the individual more than it revels in the fraternal banter between like-minded bros. He’s forged this work on his own terms out of loss, addiction and displacement, frequently visiting a tormented past.

This Megaforce Records bonus joint “Step Aside” speaks to Heems’ unique ability to express desire and longing from aloof distance. The rapper joked about channeling Drake on Twitter because all melancholy must be attributed to the 6 God.

Macho irony notwithstanding, Heems always dove headlong into his emotional wellspring. As an advocate for mental health awareness, expression is his best weapon. He’s trapped in a prism of sadness throughout the record, pleading empathy for a heartbroken scoundrel. Wading in this depth will keep his admirers on their toes and open a wider audience to his gravelly wisdom.

Eat Pray Thug is available now on iTunes.

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