Henry Melton Allegedly Got All Bitey On A Restaurant Manager

03.18.14 4 years ago 39 Comments

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Henry Melton, a four-year NFL veteran most recently of the Bears and presently sought after in free agency by the Cowboys, Vikings and Seahawks, was arrested back in December resulting from a disturbance at a restaurant called Chill (just fantastic irony, btw). Naturally, there’s no reason we would be revisiting the arrest of a marginal NFL player that occurred four months ago unless there were salacious details and, indeed, salacious details there are.

Melton is now being sued by the restaurant owner, who alleges that, in the course of ejecting Melton for berating customers, he took a rather nasty bite to the kidney from Melton.

“It took four men to do this because he’s a big guy,” attorney Darren Wolf said. “And in the process, my client — Mr. Payne — received a really really horrific bite from Mr. Melton. He bit him in the side, near the kidney, through the skin.”

According to the lawsuit, at the bar the night of the incident, Melton was telling restaurant workers that he “was a millionaire and the bartenders were nothing but poor white trash.”

The arrest has been known for a while and clearly NFL teams aren’t overly disturbed by these new alleged details, seeing as how Melton is still scheduled to visit the Rams today. After all, who cares if he bites. It’s just showing killer instinct. That’s what face masks are for.

There’s grainy video footage of the fight, though the bite isn’t in evidence.


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