Here Are Some Of The Best Pop Culture Inspired Christmas Gifts Shared On Reddit Today

By 12.26.12

Every December 26th for as long as I’ve needed to find things to write about on the internet Reddit has been 80% filled with people sharing their Christmas gifts with no one in particular. Much like wading through hundreds of Halloween costume posts, it gets old quickly. One might even find him- or herself thing, “Man, I can’t wait for Reddit to get back to being Reddit,” and then realizing what a bummer it is to have thought that.

But there are a few gems scattered about if you’re willing to go digging, which I hope most of you are not. And to reward you for that here are a handful of pop culture related gifts received by someone you don’t know that I found somewhere between “mildly interesting” and “not bad face.” Enjoy. And if someone wants to score me a book of Saul Goodman matches I will give you permission to pretend I am your New Year’s Eve date.

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