Here Come The Tears Again: Dying 2-Year-Old Son Was The Best Man At His Parents’ Wedding

08.04.13 4 years ago

Logan Stevenson

*grabs every box of tissues in the house* Here we go.

Looking dapper in a tiny tan pinstripe suit and orange shirt, a 2-year-old boy with only weeks to live served as the best man for his parents’ Pennsylvania wedding.

Christine Swidorsky carried Logan Stevenson on her shoulder at the Saturday afternoon wedding in Jeannette, a suburb of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

Logan stood with his grandmother, Debbie, during a 12-minute ceremony uniting Logan’s mother and his father, Sean Stevenson. The boy has leukemia and other complications…The Stevensons abandoned an original wedding date of July 2014 after learning from doctors late last month that their son had two to three weeks to live. The couple wanted Logan to see them marry and to be part of family photos. (Via)

Never before has the “F*CK CANCER” tag been so relevant.


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