Here Is An Awkward One-Minute Interview With Patrick Willis

10.31.12 5 years ago 27 Comments

Sometimes we interview NFL players for extended periods of time and try to ask insightful questions. Other times, we interview Patrick Willis for 60 seconds and ask him about video games. I think this qualifies as the latter.

This PR e-mail inquiring about a potential interview with Willis on Tuesday landed in our inbox late last week.

Patrick Willis is going to Trust His Power and attempt complete 120 interviews in 120 minutes to raise awareness about Duracell’s ProCamps scholarships. I wanted to see if you would be interested in helping Patrick reach his goal by conducting a one-minute interview.

If you conduct an interview you will be helping raise awareness about Duracell donating $1 to ProCamps for every #TrustYourPower Tweet. The donations are part of the “Trust Your Power” program and will be placed into a scholarship fund to help underprivileged kids attend the camps. ProCamps is an organization that runs professional athletes’ sports camps for children ages 7-14, and the scholarship will provide the tuition and transportation the kids need to attend.

One minute? I’VE GOT ONE MINUTE!

KSK: Hey there. Congratulations on your victory last night.

Patrick Willis: Thank you, sir.

KSK: No problem. So, just curious, how often does Coach Harbaugh speak in jive to you guys?

Patrick Willis: Say again?

KSK: Wanted to know how often Coach Harbaugh drops some jive in the locker room, since he slung a little at the media during the postgame press conference yesterday.

Patrick Willis: [Laughs] Uh, I don’t know. With Coach Harbaugh, you never know what he’s going to say. He’s just one of those guys who says what comes to his mind. As long as it makes sense to him, he doesn’t care what anyone else has to say about it.

KSK: Harbaugh comes across as a guy with a pretty fierce temper. What’s the most angry you’ve even seen him get?

Patrick Willis: Really, when outside people try to attack his players. That’s the only time you see him get really mad at anything. Other than that, he’s just cool, calm and collected.

KSK: I saw that you’re in a new commercial for Assassin’s Creed III. If you’ve gotten a chance to play the game, what’s your favorite weapon?

Patrick Willis: It’d have to be, I call it the machete, but it’s really an ax. I think the ax on there is tremendous and I can’t wait to get on there and beat the whole game.

KSK: You guys hoping to get another crack at the Giants in the playoffs? Seems like they’re the one team you guys are having trouble with.

Patrick Willis: We’ll worry about that when the time comes. Right now, we just continue to focus on the games that are on our schedule. Our next game is the Rams and that’s our focus right now.

KSK: In your opinion, who’s the best linebacker in the game right now?

Patrick Willis: Of course, you know, I’m gonna say myself. But I think there are a lot of other good linebackers out there. There’s a bunch of great linebacker play in the NFL right now. We just continue to play the game hard and play it physical and get after you. My guy is telling me I have to move on to the next interview now.

KSK: All right. Take care.

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