Here’s ‘Blade Runner’ As A Series Of 12,597 Watercolors

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11.20.13 2 Comments
Like this, but vastly better.

Like this, but vastly better.

You might remember Anders Ramsell, a Swedish artist who’s been recreating Blade Runner frame-by-frame with watercolors. When we last checked in with Anders, more than a year ago, he was up to 3,285 watercolors for a twelve-minute sequence. Turns out Anders has been a bit busy since then!

Specifically, he’s up to more than half an hour of what amounts to the Blade Runner animated movie. Currently, he’s at 12,597 paintings… and it’s a little jolting how close to the original he’s getting.

Ramsell is calling this a paraphrase, but rather smartly, he’s pairing this with the original audio. It’s a little bizarre to see sequences you remember so well in such an… impressionistic style. Running the numbers, Ramsell has roughly 114 minutes to paint, leaving out the credits, that means he’s got 151,563 paintings to go. At his current rate of output of 9,000 paintings a year, that means he should be finished by roughly… 2030.

Yeah, definitely skip the credits. Also maybe consider using the US Cut, save yourself some time.

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