Here’s A Packers Fan Who Wants The Team To Trade Aaron Rodgers

12.17.13 4 years ago 83 Comments

Kudos for this insane meathead Packers fan filming this rant in black and white. It heightens the effect of him being unhinged. If anything, Green Bay’s performance since Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone has proven just how valuable he is to the Packers.

Nevertheless, all it took was one big comeback win by Matt Flynn against a terrible defense to get a crazy person to emerge and claim that Rodgers is now completely expendable and should be dealt while the Packers can get something for him.

The highlights:

– Aaron Rodgers is a “systems quarterback” and Matt Flynn “does what he does better”.
– Assumes the best the Packers could get for Rodgers in a trade is “a second- or third-round pick”.
– Mike McCarthy “made” Aaron Rodgers.
– Makes light of Jermichael Finley’s spinal injury.
– If you don’t agree with him “you don’t know football and you’re a dumbass”
– Matt Flynn “would not lower himself” to doing annoying State Farm commercials.
– Matt Flynn “bounced around the league this year for some reason, I don’t know why”
– In addition, if you’re a Packers fan who doesn’t agree, you shouldn’t be allowed in Lambeau Field ever again.

UPDATE: Someone pointed out that the YouTube user has another video where he identifies himself as a Patriots fan who lives in Cleveland, so this is either satire or he’s even more insane than previously thought.

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