Here’s That Monsterpocalypse Update Nobody Clamored For

07.20.10 7 years ago

Back in 2008 when it was still safe to eat shrimp and my retirement savings started to tank (meaning my cat puked on my beanie baby collection thus halving the value of it), Vince said movies based on video games were the new hotness.  I plugged my ears with Freckles the Leopard and Baaabsy the Lamb and said “la la la I can’t hear you” to no avail, because now movies based on BattleshipRiskCandylandMonopoly, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and, yes, even Monsterpocalypse are now in development.

That last one, Monsterpocalypse, is “a collectible miniatures game where kaiju figures (i.e. Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan) fight each other in different city maps” as we reported a couple months ago when Dreamworks bought the rights.  Slashfilm recently interviewed producer Roy Lee (The Departed, The Ring) and got some updates on the project.  Dreamworks succeeded in getting Tim Burton involved; he’s planning to direct it.  It’s going to be 3D (of course) and may be in theaters by 2012.  It won’t involve other properties like Voltron, but it will involve giant monsters from space who burrowed underground after a failed attack on Earth.  The humans build giant robots to fight them, because what the hell are missiles?  Slashfilm reports “The monsters and robots are each the size of a very tall building,” which I’m pretty sure I heard my nephew say last week.  This will probably be a big-budget summer movie, and we’re all supposed to pretend this doesn’t sound like something a five-year-old came up with.  Needs more dinosaurs.

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