Here’s The First Wii U TV Ad. It’s Garbage!

10.22.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

Uh, remember that article I wrote about how the Wii U has the potential to win the upcoming console race? Yeeeah, well I may have to eat my words. The first Wii U TV ads have hit British airwaves, and holy s–t are they ever rubbish. Hopefully Nintendo of America is working on something slick, because the European branch has completely crapped the launch bed.

Hit the jump and get ready to cringe…


Yup, Nintendo decided the ShamWow “nasally voiced guy shouting features at you” approach was the way to go.

Also — sping, sping, spingspingsping. That actually happened on a commercial for a product intended for people over the age of five.

Also also, not a single decent of shot of what the games on Nintendo’s new HD console are going to look like. The couple seconds of ZombiU footage, maybe the console’s best-looking game, was of a guy staring at a wall.

Also also also — “I vant to watch the TV now.” What the hell? It’s okay to ask actors to do more than one take Nintendo.


via My Nintendo News

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